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Usability done right - Apple TV 4th Gen

My old Apple TV Remote died some years ago and I had another useless Remote from last century programmed to control it. It was ugly to say the least and I really got used to having HDMI-CIC after using the Chromecast for some time. So when I heard that the new Apple TV has HDMI-CIC (meaning the Apple-TV can control the TV and the TV can Control the Apple-TV) I decided to buy it.

So I got it yesterday and set it up - and I have to say: Wow that process was genius. Instead of having to enter all your information (Network settings, Apple-ID and password etc) you can just take your iPhone, hold it next to your Apple-TV and after a brief second the iPhone asks if you really want to set up the Apple-TV with your iPhone credentials and that's it. It configures the WiFi from your iPhone, your Apple-ID etc etc..

The process for the Chromecast was also good, but this is just way better.

Another thing I noticed right away, the perceived streaming quality on Apple-TV is way better. Instead of starting a Netflix stream instantly like on Chromecast it will buffer for a second longer, but you don't start out with a 240p stream but at least get 720p to start with. Especially at peak times when ISPs are overloaded it seemed to take forever on my Chromecast for it to wind it's way up from 240p to 720 and then 1080. Meaning sometimes I would watch almost 5 minutes until the image is bearable.

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