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Git Source Control Provider for Visual Studio 2010

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on May 30, 2010

During my presentation at Barcamp Vienna today I got asked what GUI to use with Git. My plain and simple answer was: “Use the command line, its just better that way.. “. Well, after the talk Andreas approached me and raised a very good point: Mainstream adoption of tools (like Git) often depends on GUIs to help people during the transition phase.

Besides the obvious Guis like TortoiseGit or GitGui there is now one more tool aimed at .NET developers to make the transition easier: Git Source Control Provider for Visual Studio 2010. It looks like Microsoft got VS2010 extensibility right this time, and someone managed to implement Git integration right into the VS2010 solution explorer:

Git Source Control Provider

The Plugin is available through Visual Studio Gallery and seems to be Ms-Pl licensed and free, although I couldn’t find the code anywhere, it’s still worth checking out: Git Source Control Provider.

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