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.less repository has moved to it’s own GitHub account

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on March 4, 2010

github Until now we stored the main source of the .less project in Chris Owen’s GitHub account. We now decided to create a dedicated GitHub user to host the project since Chris is no longer actively contributing and may or may not want to add changes that are not meant to be immediately committed into the mainline.

The new repository is at: http://github.com/dotless/dotless

We are still updating all references to the old project (website etc) but the move should be done fairly soon. If you are watching Chris’ repository make sure to also watch the new one as Chris’ repository may start lagging behind the mainline (depends on how often Chris will update his fork).

Oh, and btw: Thanks to the GitHub guys for providing this awesome service. Git + GitHub has simply revolutionized the way I write code and collaborate with people.

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