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Make me wait

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on September 20, 2009

1 hour ago I noticed that I need the Castle.Facilities.Logging assembly, so I fired up SVN to checkout the newest trunk and run a build.


It took 53(!!!) minutes to checkout. Something is seriously wrong with SVN at times, there is no other way to explain the differences in speed I was seeing during checkout: Some files came with 50 kb/s, some with 2 kb/s and others with 100. That said: I’m sitting ontop of a 12 mbit ADSL-2 connection that peaks at about 1.6 mb/sec.

I hate waiting, and waiting an hour for a trivial operation that should not take any longer than 10 seconds is really the end. I only hope most projects get away from svn as soon as possible, the benefit in speed is just massive.

Oh and btw: I know that there are SVN mirrors of the castle project on GitHub, I already did a fork of one of those to pull it down. Only that it was 6 commits behind the current svn trunk and I couldn’t build the solution at that revision so I decided to re-pull the most current svn (big mistake).

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