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imagineClub Website source has moved to GitHub

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on September 11, 2009

I have been using Mercurial as my SCM of choice for quite some time now, and I’ve been loving it ever since. Working with a DVCS is a pleasure compared to the slow and painful experience I see when using Subversion. Not that Subversion is a bad product, but my workflow is just totally different from what SVN was built for.

Having used git now a bit while helping Erik on the Less.Net project, I discovered that it feels a tad better workflow wise. I especially like it’s much better branching support and it’s support for shelving changes. Both things already in hg, but not as easy to use or only available through addons.

Another thing that made the switch tempting was the fact that it seems almost the whole .NET community decided to head over to GitHub to continue development. There are NHibernate forks, there are Castle forks etc etc.. Even Ayende moved there!

So I decided to follow the herd, being familiar with the tools the community uses is very important to me, so today I finally moved the imagineClub website source to GitHub.

Why finally? Well, I’ve been trying to for now 2 days and simply failed. Today i finally decided that it’s OK for me to loose all my history and to start a fresh repo with the existing code. The migration from hg to git seems to be so uncommon that there is a significant lack of tools for that.

There is the hg2git from the GitHub crew, that didn’t work for me. And there is a hg2git script inside fast-export that I couldn’t run on Windows. Although Zerok managed to convert it on his Mac machine, all the linefeeds were wrong and therefore the history was rendered useless. So I decided to quit trying and simply wipe the history, start from scratch and be done with it.

So, now the new home of the imagineClub source is located here:

Feel free to watch / fork the repo.

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