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Pandora release 0.1

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on June 16, 2009

I finally decided it’s time to release Pandora. The current build is stable and meets all of my current requirements, so I feel the best way to advance Pandora is to dogfood it on another project.

Also, this gives me a bit of an opportunity to catch up on the documentation side of things and work out bugs that may be there.

Upcoming features

I still have a pretty interesting wish list (Generics, Factory Methods, AutoConfiguration), but those features are all rather non-trivial and I feel Pandora should stay a simple and minimalistic container right now.

Where to get

You can download the compiled Pandora release from Bitbucket or you can grab the source and compile it for yourself.

Compiling Pandora

Just run the build.bat script and NAnt (supplied within the repository) will fire up and compile everything into the build\ directory. By default the script will also compile and run the accompanying unit tests, leaving you with a Pandora.Test-Result.htm file you can then review if you please.

To compile without tests simply run “build compile”, and you’ll end up only with Pandora.dll/pdb and the common service locator library.

Using Pandora

If you didn’t run build compile, you end up with lots of stuff in your build directory:

Pandora result

If you plan on using Pandora you only need the following:


If you are interested in the ServiceLocation.dll you can read about it here: Common Service Locator Adapter for Pandora

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