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Troublesome testing

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on May 21, 2009

This may be the very first time I blog about a bug in the CLR, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

Apparently a bug in the CLR’s System.Reflection.Emit prevents Rhino.Mocks from working when generic constraints are applied to a method.

void Add<T, TType>()
    where T : class
    where TType : T;

As long as the TType : T constraints is present, all tests will fail with a System.BadImageFormatException.
Now, the bug is known and it looks like it can’t really be helped on the framework side. But, I didn’t want to drop this constraint in my production code just to make the class testable.

So, I went back to the dark ages and actually wrote a Mock class by hand that counted calls to methods, returned preset values for methods.

Overall, the Mock is a mess. There are like 5-6 fields counting all sorts of different stuff just for a simple interface with two methods.

Thank god there are tools like Rhino.Mock that keep me from writing code like that (I really can’t praise Ayende enough for Rhino.Mocks).

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