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Change has come to Microsoft

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on January 22, 2009

Yes indeed, there have things changed.

After doing so much Winforms development lately I am finally back on the Web side once again. But this time not in swamped webforms land but breathing the fresh air of ASP.NET MVC. You may already know that because I’ve been already ranting about the platform and it’s love for HttpContext.

Anyway, this post is not about MVC, it’s about the great Rob Conery who made my day when I watched the first episode of his MVC Storefront series.

What impressed me?
This is the first and only sample I have seen come out of Microsoft that did not involve dropping a data grid right out of SQL server into the app, tweaking two properties and concluding: “And that’s how easy you can do xy with Microsoft XY.NET”

This is the first demo I see that did really feel like a real world solution and not like demo ware put together in an attempt to impress people with how little work is required to do something.
Developing software is hard, and it takes time and thought.
And Rob sharing his thoughts on testability, separation of concerns and his clever use of the repository pattern is just great fun to watch and follow.

This new way feels good.
I watched that webcast while deciding the structure of a very important project and it helped me very much in getting a better idea of how to tackle MVC. So, thank you very much Rob!

Oh, and yeah, I know I’m late to the party. Rob has put out 25 webcasts of the MVC Storefront series, it just happened that my attention was focused on NHibernate, Windsor, Winforms and RhinoMocks lately. I also have to admit that I dislike Webcasts since you can’t just scan through them to find out if you are interested or not.

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