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I'm frightening!

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on February 22, 2008

Today I really scared the hell out of my co-workers.
Although I don't officially work for pixelpoint I am currently working at their office, and so my fellow co-workers had to witness one of my scarce "I jump up and dance through the room in ecstasy because it works" moments.
No need to say that they where completely shocked and came running with water and tranquilizers :).

Why I am a full of joy currently is because my first prototype of my online food-ordering application works!
I was fighting the whole day with validation and data-binding issues on ASP.NET and finally got it to work.

I'll blog on my experiences with LinQ2SQL and ASP.NET in the future. For now I'll just say that I am very very happy with LinQ2SQL and I am absolutely sure that it saved me almost 3 weeks of development.

The whole application is completely functional after 7 days of development (still lacking a GUI)! I mean, obviously you need to be a programmer to order a pizza through the exposed model, but shopping cart, order checkout and product view functionality is already there.

I will spend next week working on a admin application and meeting with the design guys to get the front-end out.

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