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SQL Server 2005 GUI complexity

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on February 15, 2008

You know what?
I really love SQL Server 2005, just because it got rid of the Enterprise Manager stuff and introduced SQL Server Management Studio.

What's bugging me now is that although the Management Studio is great to work with most of the time, there are some tiny little things I really hate whenever I create new databases!


Whenever I want a field to be a primary key id field I need to go to declare it as primary key, and then define the identity specification.

And there is the design flaw. You can't just double click Identity Specification to change it from No to Yes, you actually have to first click the + to expand the section in the property grid before I can set the Yes/No value.
I see the added complexity in some points where the increment or seed aren't appropriate, but to be honest, most of our ids start at 1 and increment by 1. So in 99,9% of the cases you don't need the extra complexity.

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