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New job!

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on February 11, 2008

Yes, I'm going back to work.

I accepted to work on a new ASP.NET web project as CTO and developer for my previous employer pixelpoint.

So expect to hear new stuff about ASP.NET and AJAX.NET here on my blog during the next weeks.

The project is called Pizza.at and will be a online food delivery service.
I had been working on a previous version that didn't make it to a release while I was working for pixelpoint. Due to time constraints and poor planning the project failed and I was approached some weeks ago to try to get it done during these holidays.

I accepted the deal, mainly because I was offered complete freedom on development (so I can abandon the old codebase).
So, this time around I'm the one to blame if the project goes wrong, because I'm the guy doing all the planning.
I have chosen an agile development process and am currently working on the requirement analysis and some basic design stuff.
Because I want this project to be done fast I decided not to use any fancy new stuff like MVC or Silverlight. The whole project will be done on a SQL 2000 database with normal ASP.NET. Regardless, I'll be using C# 3.5 and some LinQ queries will surely make it into the application.

The whole thing will start later this week after I did another training course at pixelpoint for their employees.

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