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Live Writer and it's transparency

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on January 30, 2008

Since I got my 24" HP monitor I really started to fancy the new Vista Aero glass effects that let my desktop shine through borders and stuff.
Although I usually stockpile window upon window, that little blur effect on the windows is something I definitely like about Vista.

Due to all this common Vista look'n'feel I never really noticed that Windows Live Writer is a .NET 2.0 application using Windows Forms AND (&&) having a transparency effect on it's splash screen!

Windows Live Writer

So, why this never came to my mind is something I don't know, but today I closed a background window while starting up WLW and found out that my desktop and the WLW splash where out of sync.

Basically, Windows Live Writer has no transparency of it's own. It just takes a screenshot and handles the transparency effect in it's form.
If the screen behind WLW splash is changing, changes don't reflect onto the slash page (as they do in Vista aero).

Funny stuff, but definitely something I'd keep in mind when it gets to fancy looks on pre-WPF projects.

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