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Changes incoming!

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on January 2, 2008

As some of you may have noticed, I recently started to use this blog to share some of my views on C# programming topics and wrote those posts in English.

I chose English instead of German because obviously everything I am reading on those topics is kept in English (just browse my Blogroll and you'll see what I mean). Now that I recently realized that buying my technical books from Amazon.com saves me quite a penny over doing so at Amazon.de, I am literally breathing articles in English. I also had to realize that while being (somehow) perfectly fluent in English while talking and reading, my written skills seem to have deteriorated. This is something I really hope to be able to improve through this blog and work.

So, apparently this will be the first change: All future posts will be written in (more or less good) English.

I am currently trying to clean up the site, meaning that I will re-think Categories and Tags to fit.

I am also planning to focus a bit more on software development and .NET programming. So expect more on-topic and less off-topic posts in the future.

This is just one of many changes I currently plan to execute over the next weeks.

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