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When drivers don’t get along

Logitech VX Revolution

Just when I hoped driver issues are gone for good, I bought my new Logitech VX Revo because I was so upset with my Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000 (worst mouse ever!).

After experiencing huge precision and lag issues with the Microsoft Presenter 8000 I wasn’t really happy to find my new Logitech totally laggy on the acceleration part.
I’m a huge fan of mouse acceleration, and that’s the main reason I wasn’t happy with Logitech mice, they accelerate differently than Microsoft ones.

But this wasn’t just different, the mouse accelerated absolutely insane:
I then found out that Logitech and Synaptics don’t come along too well. Synaptics and Logitech both try to hook into the same acceleration and so your mouse acceleration gets controlled by the Synaptics driver and your touchpad by the mouse driver. Adjusting the mouse speed worked separately, but still the acceleration was way out of line. So after a day of tinkering I finally gave in and uninstalled the touchpad drivers.

I tried to find a  solution to the whole SetPointSynaptics issue and it seems that there is no solution. Logitech blames Synaptics and vice versa. People just end up doing what I did, uninstalling the touchpad driver.

Logitech and Synaptics don’t work together.

And that means:

  • I can’t scroll on the touchpad (the scroll-area was part of the touchpad driver).
  • I can’t disable the touchpad when working with the mouse (driving me crazy all the time)
  • I miss all the neat stuff like gestures etc.

Soltution: Don’t get a Logitech mouse if you’re stuck with a Synaptics touchpad. It’s simply not worth the trouble.
And while at it, Microsoft should make the Touchpad driver that’s built into Windows better. I’d wish for Windows 7 to support gestures and scrolling out of the box, not having to rely on stupid drivers!

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