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Patience is a virtue I don’t have

I hate waiting for stuff when working. Whenever something hangs, lags or simply doesn’t work right the first time I get annoyed.

Usually a little distraction like this doesn’t really hurt too much, but when you are deep in thought while programming – and something hangs, I can almost feel how my memory gets flushed and my productivity drops to zero for the next few minutes while I try to get back into everything.

This is very very very bad, and that’s why I am feeding insane amounts of money to the hardware vendors. I need the best performance not because of the insane calculations I do but simply because I can’t afford to get distracted by lagging applications.

Same thing applies to unit tests and build processes. It’s important to keep those as short as possible. If I’m doomed to wait for 2 minutes to see if my unit tests pass or not I will either not run them as frequently, or I will run them and do something else in between. Either way I loose productivity.

So, while at it, I guess the server I wanted to configure stopped hanging while I wrote this.

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