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Untangling the dependency ball! Windsor + NServiceBus + Caliburn + Fluent Nhibernate in one package

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on September 6, 2010


Unfortunately nu is still falling short on one thing: Making sure that all the stuff you install is actually compatible with the other stuff you have already installed. There is a ticket for this and I’m fairly confident this will get resolved (please vote the ticket up), but for now I was back to figuring out what version of what framework to use to make my app compile.

As always, the main problem was Castle.Core, being present in 3 different versions. (NSB used version 1.1, Caliburn 1.2 and the latest Windsor release targets 2.5)

I decided to back down and use 1.2 since there is a NHibernate gem for 1.2 and a Windsor gem for 1.2. I’m now using NHibernate 3.0 alpha so think about using this “stack”.

Anyway, this is a collection of:

  1. NServiceBus 2.0 .NET 4 (
  2. NServiceBus.ObjectBuilder.CastleWindsor
  3. Castle.Windsor (2.1)
  4. Caliburn 2.0 (still unreleased from the trunk)
  5. NHibernate
  6. FluentNhibernate 1.1 (Updated to NHibernate 3.0)
  7. AutoMapper

Disclaimer: The whole thing is built for .NET 4.0 and works on my machine. Don’t blame me if it’s broken for you.

Anyway. You can download the whole package of libraries here: castle-stack.rar

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