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The dark side strikes again!

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on April 22, 2010


Oh, Microsoft took it’s sweet time with Visual Studio 2010 and C#4 but now that it’s finally here I had to find out that the Vibrant Ink theme I’ve been using for years now needs an update to match new stuff in the language.

Thank god I did a quick search to see if someone already did that, and I stumbled on a pretty cool little website: studiostyles.info
A website dedicated to Visual Studio Themes, apparently written in ASP.NET MVC it allows users to create styles with a pretty simple editor and then share it with the world. They also added voting and some community stuff to it, but even if it was only a user-generated theme gallery for VS I’d love it. Cool stuff.

Anyway, Luke Sampson (the creator of studiostyles.info) updated Rob’s Vibrant Ink theme for VS2010 and shared it through studiostyles. Thanks a lot.

You can find it here: http://studiostyles.info/schemes/wekeroad-ink

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