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ElmsConnector configurable file extension

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on October 16, 2009

Seriously, nothing makes you more aware of problems with your stuff than dogfooding! I’ve been busy all day trying to get the new imagineClub website out of the door (yes we finally launched!) and just when I thought I had everything nailed one thing about ElmsConnector made me panic:

IIS6 is not passing *.elms requests on to the ASP.NET pipeline, so ElmsConnector was never called.

To fix this you need to have access to the server configuration and change that through IIS Manager. Since we (and I guess many other people) are on a shared host we could not do that, and so I had to change all paths to *.axd on short notice.

But, I felt like *.axd may also not work for everyone, so I decided to just make that an optional setting through the elms.xml:

<component id="FileExtensionProvider">

This little XML will change all paths inside ElmsConnector to .ashx instead of the default .axd. (Omitting that XML will result in all your paths being .axd)

Also note that I had to introduce one additional placeholder into the Login.htm.

Make sure that you include the $EXTENSION$ placeholder into your form action:

<form method="post" action="VerifyUser.$EXTENSION$">

This feature is available through release v0.1.0.3 from GitHub.

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