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Subnetting is good

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on July 31, 2008

Still on the train from Vienna to Klagenfurt, I'm listening to RunAs radio (yeah, I'm running out of DNR episodes) and just listened to the talk about IPv6 and how the big address space can simplify networking by removing the need for subnetting as we know it today.

And, I'm really curious if this is a good thing from a simplicity perspective. I mean, ok maybe my ISP is giving me 4 bits of address space in the future so I don't need my own personal router and subnet, but that would also mean that every computer in my network is directly attached to the Internet making it a necessity to have all machines (ok, that should be standard anyway) run latest and best protection software, having all patches up and being just as secure as my DMZ servers would have been before.

And that's something I don't see happening any time soon. I trust myself to have my laptop and desktop patched and secure, but I simply don't want to waste the time to do so on my father's PC, my brothers etc..
I simply want to rely on that they are somewhat secured through simply not being publicly available through the Internet because my router isn't forwarding any ports to them that could be exploited.

So, although I really think the new network stack in Vista and 2008 is a huge step forward and network performance for me has increased with the use of v6. I still don't think that subnets should go away anytime soon.

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