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New website for dotless is up at www.dotlesscss.org

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on October 15, 2010

After some trouble with our previous hoster the old domain www.dotlesscss.com went offline.
Chris tried to resolve this issue, but things didn’t work out so the website was offline for almost 2 months now.

We where not completely offline since, I migrated the website to GitHub Pages some time ago and all documentation was moved over to the new GitHub Wiki. But we were still missing our shiny domain name we could point people to.

So I finally decided to give up on waiting for our old domain to come back and registered a new one:


The old site is now available at the new name and we are trying to update all references to the new .org domain.
(And .org is more fitting for an OSS project anyway).

As for the project itself, I am planning a 1.2 release fairly shortly that should incorporate a ton of bug fixes and some improvements we made since version 1.1.

Please spread the word about this domain change. Thanks!

Ps: On a technical side, the new website is now powered by Jekyll on GitHub and the source is contained in the gh-pages branch on our GitHub repository.

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