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Keeping up with Castle

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on July 25, 2009

Especially when trying to follow the development of a big project like Castle you can get lost quickly. There is no real “main” endpoint to refer to. Some news get out there through the development mailing list, sometimes they come through blogs and sometimes they are only present in code.

What I found useful in following the project are the following places:

  1. Castle Project aggregator – a aggregate feed of most known figures involved in the castle development process
  2. Castle Project development mailing list – The place where discussion about features and structure happens
  3. Castle Project svn log – I like to look at commits to see what’s going on
    Note: Especially with castle where the last “official” release was in 2007 it’s imo quite important to know what’s going on when you are running the trunk version.

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