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FileUpload in MonoRail

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on July 24, 2009

After a stressful week of non-computer related stuff eating up my time today I finally got around to continue some work on the imagineClub website.
I approached the section of file uploads and just wanted to quickly point out an excellent post by Ken Egozi about how to properly handle file uploads with MonoRail.

FileBinderAttribute to ease FileUpload in MonoRail – by Ken Egozi

It’s really nice to see that MonoRail has File upload baked directly into the framework. It’s as easy as that:

public void Upload([DataBind("Document")] Document document, HttpPostedFile uploadedFile)
	if (uploadedFile != null)
		//TODO: Save File to Disk, Test this properly

But what Ken addresses is a neat way to keep this testable without obscuring the controller code.

Also, apparently Ken has written his own weblog engine ontop of MonoRail and even opensourced it for the public to look at and hopefully learn something from it. It’s really great to see real application code somewhere instead of just samples and short demos. Also from what I saw in the repository it’s not too complex to make you cry and yet real enough to show you some interesting things about MonoRail.

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