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Rant: Visual Studio injecting Ids to absolutely everything!

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on July 18, 2008

Ha, the weekends almost in and I'm readying myself to get afk for some days.
But not before I've complained about how stupid Visual Studio gets when you're handling ASP.NET Tables!

Whenever something has a runat="server" tag Visual Studio wants to attach an ID to it.
But there is no point to attach IDs to every cell/row in table!

So, if you're writing everything by hand, you don't need to specify the ID attribute, so everything is fine. But once you want to copy&paste that code, Visual Studio will instantly attach IDs to everything (with meaningful names as "Table1, TableRow1" etc..), and that's something I find very annoying when having to create large forms or something like that.

I mean, you have code like this:

<asp:Table runat="server">
    <asp:TableRow runat="server"></asp:TableRow>

and once you hit CRTL+V it get's obscured like this:

<asp:Table ID="Table1" runat="server">
    <asp:TableRow ID="TableRow1" runat="server"></asp:TableRow>

Now, being a thoughtful developer who likes tidy markup, I'm now going to remove these useless Ids from my code once again.

Oh, and did I mention that this also happens when you cut&paste? Nothing is more annoying than getting IDs injected when you're reordering table rows.

There is merit to the idea when you are copy&pasting real controls that have IDs attached, so you don't accidentally find yourself with multiple controls with the same ID. But when there is no ID attached to the code you're having in the clipboard, Visual Studio shouldn't be putting it in there.

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