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Del.icio.us dissappears from the feed

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on July 4, 2008

After some thought I finally dragged myself to make a decision on the del.icio.us links in my RSS feed:

I finally decided to remove the links from the feed, most of my del.icio.us links aren't just that relevant to my blog posts that I really need to share them with you.
If you still want to recieve my del.icio.us links you can simply subscribe to my del.icio.us feed or add me to your network in del.icio.us.
Another way to stay informed on my del.icio.us (and all my other activities, wether you like it or not *gg*) would be to simply follow me on friendfeed (although I still haven't really grasped the concept of the site).

Hope the feed just got more enjoyable for you :)


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