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Don't bother with sharing a printer

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on June 28, 2008


If you've ever ran a home network before you may have noticed that installing and running a printer over the network usually works great and pretty seamless.

Except for those rare conditions where your printer drivers sucks, the host where you connect your printers is old and slow, and the fastest way to your printout is copying the doc to the host computer to print it locally.

I've complained about that before, but I didn't need too much printing lately so I forgot. Until today when I found the wonderful Brother HL-2150 N printer that costs just 130€ and sports its own NIC.
So instead of bothering with network share and stuff like that I just had to plug in the printer to the LAN and run the driver install locally at my machine.

Everything was up and running in about 30 seconds and I'm relieved of the ever daring "is this stupid computer up or not" question (The status LEDs on the host aren't connected).

If you need a cheap black and white network printer, I'd definitely suggest this one here.

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