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Am I an island?

Posted by Daniel Hölbling on June 8, 2008

Due to the fact that most of university of klagenfurt's curriculum is biased towards Java sometimes makes it hard for a .NET developer to be able to go up to someone and say: "Hey, look what I did yesterday".
Either you just ran into one of those guys who just managed to get the last proprietary driver off his debian-unstable laptop and will chase you down some hallway by even saying the word Microsoft near his ears.
Or you will meet some insensible guy who's not into the study at all but decided that doing computer science after high-school is the right thing because he used to be playing computer a lot (people around here often use their studies as an excuse for not wanting to do real work).
Or there is that honest guy who just focuses on his studies and therefore is stuck in a world of Java :).

So, sometimes I read all those blogs out there from overseas about communities, ALT.NET, open spaces conferences and stuff, and start to feel a little lonely around here in carinthia.
I mean, there are plenty of people I really love to talk about tech, I even sometimes try bend my mind around to talk to some of the hardcore Linux guys around here. But there is nobody to whom I can talk about what I am up to lately (in .NET), nobody who is actually working with .NET (besides me) that I can call up to ask for advice on ... let's say WPF.

So today I decided to throw the words usergroup and Klagenfurt at my Google and I somehow ended up at ineta.org, short for International .NET Association.
After doing their usergroup search for Austria I found out that there ought to be two groups here around Klagenfurt university. Both of which seem to have disbanded (websites down etc).
Now what really struck me was that even the back of beyond (namely Vorarlberg) has a .NET user group, while Vienna and Graz having plenty of them.
Didn't they tell me when I signed up for my study that Klagenfurt is one of the major universities when it comes to computer science?
And now I'd like to know, if Klagenfurt is that good, why we can't have a .NET user group.

So is there an audience for a .NET user group in Klagenfurt? Or do I need to pony up the 60 euros per month for a bus ride and go to Graz if I want to meet like-minded people?
So it boils down to the initial question: Am I an .NET island?

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